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Extended information regarding Travian IRC

As explained in chapter 2; the network has various servers.
Our main goal is to create a stable and safe environment for the 10.000+ users visiting the chat every day and besides this, we offer various features to the users.
This all required some extra server power - explaining the 4-5 servers.

But we also provide Secure Connections (SSL), various non-standard IRC ports to (try to) avoid firewalls at college, university, work or parents. for example has the following standard ports:
6660, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, 8067 and 6123
Standard is 6667, most servers have ports extra in the range 6660 - 6669.
Teuton also offers 8067 and 6123.
SSL Ports: 6697 and 7000
SSL is a extra security measure where you can connect to IRC and all your data to the server gets encrypted.
Note: If the person your talking to isn't using SSL, it wont do much difference.
Normally this isn't used much as most users don't use it. But in case your paranoid... its always available.

Furthermore we have an option to immediately see which IRCop is available for support.
IRCop's are the person who maintain/control the network and all its servers and services.
If you have a general question, best to start asking in #help.
A dedicated team of very experienced IRC users are there to help you with 9 out of 10 questions.
In case you really need an IRCop, because you found a botnet or witnessed something you really thing requires our attention, you can always type /ircops
A list of online IRCops will come forward on your status window and it will look like this;

Agge (
(Speaking English and German)

44 (
(Speaking English and German)

Jorijn (
(Speaking English and Dutch)

TravianGames (

Sm0ke0ut (
(Speaking English and Dutch)

Fighter (
(Speaking English)

Bybib (
(Speaking English)

Tranqer (
(Speaking English and Dutch)

Mika (
(Speaking English and Italian)

7 OPER(s)
End of /STATS report

Please note: Most of them are 24/7 connected, so there is a big chance they are sleeping, working or doing other stuff and not paying attention to IRC. Stay patient and make sure you tried #help first.

Open Proxy Scanner:
Every time you connect a special scanner will perform a port scan on your computer.
This can/will cause warnings if you have a 'warning system' activated.
The scan will always be performed from IP: and scans a group of 30-40 known ports which are quite often get used by bad people to take over computers. (Botnets for example)
Note: It scans for OPEN Proxies. Secured Proxies wont be a problem.

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